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Letter from the Desk

A cheery welcome to all!

This is I Am Sweet’s first official post to all friends out there. I would like to introduce myself and I Am Sweet first.
I am 28 years old. I work for a marketing agency as a writer in India where I live. Here, I have my beautiful family and lovely friends.
On the flipside, I am a diabetic. I have been a diabetic since 2011 or I may put it precisely that I was diagnosed as a diabetic in that year. I am a type 1 and since then there were some more things added to my life that I had to take care of meticulously.
I was 24 when suddenly out of nowhere I got myself introduced to diabetes, which all the while sounded like a rumour. While warming up to my treatment and lifestyle changes, the need to reach out to other diabetics and the other aspects of diabetes kept on digging a hole in my heart. I wanted to know it all and share it all. Sooner than it may seem, I needed to bring a change in the world of diabetics and diabetes. All it needed was an initiative, which I was ready to take: I Am Sweet is that initiative.
I Am Sweet is not just a blog, or a community or a social cause: it is an ideology, a lifestyle, an attitude of diabetics. As we all know diabetes is a lifestyle change, most of us fail at it just because of not being able to adopt the right attitude to make that change.
I wish I Am Sweet proves itself as a support to many and changes lives for the better and lives on the philosophy that a diabetic life is an attitude change before a lifestyle change, which we can slowly and steadily work at.
I Am Sweet will help people stay on top of every information a diabetic or the family of a diabetic requires and connect with other diabetics and be a part of a community that changes lives. We also would like you to share your own thoughts, experiences and information with it, which will made a part of the Open Journal section of the blog.
You can send in your submissions or you get in touch at

Keep the good hope,

Love to all!

Founder – I Am Sweet

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