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Make friends with your sugar

Hey sweets,

A quick introduction, my name is Abhishek. Although I am not a diabetic but my girlfriend is a Type 1. I feel all the more a part of journey as she discovered the same right in front of me and we share each and every moment of our lives together. So yeah I really can relate to the same.

Over the course of 4 years since the time she got diagnosed with the same I have realised some important things.

1. The sooner you come to terms with your condition the better it is.

2. Diabetes isn’t just about eating sweet things.

3. You may want to be in touch with your sugar levels as much as possible. To be true your glucometer is your first best friend in your initial days. Once you know better about your daily intake and accordingly the dosage you might be a little less dependent on your friend. But yes it is a friendship you need to stick on to for life.

4. Always keep your sweets handy as hypoglycemia or low blood sugar may just strike you when you are least expecting. And it can be a very tricky if you don’t have something sweet or someone who may help you with that around.

5. Try and take your insulin and lantus on a particular defined time as much as possible to maintain the pattern. This may help in keeping your sugar levels in better control.

6. An occasional drink is not a sin till the time you know how to handle it and how to go about your diet.

7. You are as normal as you believe you are as healthy food is as important for a person with no diabetes as it for the one who is.

8. People may find it difficult to understand your situation but most of the times it is lack of awareness so never lose heart and yes do not miss a chance to make them aware.

I hope the above might help one of you in some way. There are so many aspects and experiences which I would want to share but I will keep it short and simple for now.

Will keep posting more and it will be great to read some of your experiences too. See you around everyone.

– Abhishek Arora

Letter from the Desk

A cheery welcome to all!

This is I Am Sweet’s first official post to all friends out there. I would like to introduce myself and I Am Sweet first.
I am 28 years old. I work for a marketing agency as a writer in India where I live. Here, I have my beautiful family and lovely friends.
On the flipside, I am a diabetic. I have been a diabetic since 2011 or I may put it precisely that I was diagnosed as a diabetic in that year. I am a type 1 and since then there were some more things added to my life that I had to take care of meticulously.
I was 24 when suddenly out of nowhere I got myself introduced to diabetes, which all the while sounded like a rumour. While warming up to my treatment and lifestyle changes, the need to reach out to other diabetics and the other aspects of diabetes kept on digging a hole in my heart. I wanted to know it all and share it all. Sooner than it may seem, I needed to bring a change in the world of diabetics and diabetes. All it needed was an initiative, which I was ready to take: I Am Sweet is that initiative.
I Am Sweet is not just a blog, or a community or a social cause: it is an ideology, a lifestyle, an attitude of diabetics. As we all know diabetes is a lifestyle change, most of us fail at it just because of not being able to adopt the right attitude to make that change.
I wish I Am Sweet proves itself as a support to many and changes lives for the better and lives on the philosophy that a diabetic life is an attitude change before a lifestyle change, which we can slowly and steadily work at.
I Am Sweet will help people stay on top of every information a diabetic or the family of a diabetic requires and connect with other diabetics and be a part of a community that changes lives. We also would like you to share your own thoughts, experiences and information with it, which will made a part of the Open Journal section of the blog.
You can send in your submissions or you get in touch at

Keep the good hope,

Love to all!

Founder – I Am Sweet

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