Identifying a Pattern, a Sign of Management


A Big Hi to All,

Today’s post comes from a very interesting observation. I am sure diabetics will relate to it in some way.

A few days back, I was consecutively witnessing hypoglycaemia (low sugar) in the afternoon while at work., which lead to a valid thought. Although, one should avoid hypoglycaemia, the fact that it happened every day at a specific time meant it was a pattern and that also meant that there is a presence of sugar management and routine in my life. The only thing to do here was to follow a favourable and discreet management.

Some of us, newly diagnosed or even diabetics from a long time fail to identify any sort of pattern good or bad (hypoglycaemia, hyperglycaemia, hunger pangs, mood swings, etc.) on a daily basis, which may suggest a lack of management system.

The idea is to first to set up am management routine and next, identify whether it is good or bad.

So, in my case, I started decreasing my insulin intake in the morning as I was taking Lantus in the morning as well and therefore, hypoglycaemia in the afternoons.

Here, it was proven that I was following a pattern, which is a good sign as I can at least start working on corrective measures,which is even better, as opposed to random highs and lows or no pattern at all.

I hope my observation helps you.

As it is always said, that diabetes is self management since no one except you knows you or your body better.

Be observant. Hang in there. Stay hopeful!

Till next time.







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